Saying goodbye

For the last couple of years I have been seeing a girl that lives at Ram’s Pointe from time to time on the bus. Why this girl stands out in my memory is she is quite attractive and looks a bit like a friend of mine from the Chilson Center. Each time the girl would board my bus, I would do my usual of smiling and bidding a good day. Rarely would I get any more than a smirk or a grunt before she disappeared into the hoard of massing students in the rear of the bus. The day before graduation 2003, she once again boarded my bus and like usual went off to sit in the back. When we got to her stop, I opened the back door to let her out as usual. This day she didn’t go out the back door but instead started to walk up the aisle towards the front. Thinking maybe she needed the front of the bus lowered to exit, I went ahead and opened the front door and lowered the bus. Before exiting she stopped and turned to me. She said that she was to graduate tomorrow and from there would be spending the summer with her parents in Minnesota. She went on to say that she always looked forward to the times I would be driving the bus. There were times when things were hard at college, even times she thought she might quit. She said that she truly felt that if it wasn’t for my bubbly outlook early in her mornings, she may very well have given up. Before stepping out of the bus she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Thank-you, I’ll miss you.” I watched as she turned and stepped out. I felt sad that I would never see her again and with a “Have a great summer” she was gone.


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