Manual Relay Switching

Pokie Parmidge December 2004

Problem- Three phase motor can be switched to 220 volts but motor controller is equipped with 440 volt relays. The vintage of the controller makes it impossible to locate replacment 220 volt relays. The only options are to either replace the motor controller with a more modern version or make a manual control. I opted for a manual control and here's how I did it.

A look inside the controller box after all the unused wiring was removed. The relays are the two silver boxes on either side of the bottom. The contacts on the top control forward or reverse rotation of the motor.
Cutting out the bakolite control rocker. Steel was used for the main pivot and aluminum was used for the shifting pivot.
Main pivot fabricated and bolted to the bottom of the controller box. Forward/reverse shift handle and gate fabricated and ready for use.




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