Why are Horseshoes Lucky?

Folks often ask me why horseshoes are considered lucky and to be honest I never even knew myself! I would like to share with you what I have learned about lucky horseshoes and why some are luckier than others.

A long time ago, on a dark and cloudless night, the Devil was making his rounds. In the small town where the Devil was causing havoc, a lone rider came galloping past. The Devil stopped what he was doing and watched in awe at the hoofs of the passing horse sparking on the cobble stones. An evil smile melted across the Devil's face with the thought he too could spark like that!

The Devil called on one of the blacksmiths in his debt and demanded the blacksmith fasion him some iron shoes. The blacksmith worked well into the night heating and pounding shoes for the Devil's hoofs while the Devil cackled with delight. When the shoes were ready, the blacksmith heated the shoes red hot and slapped them onto the Devil's hoofs. You see, the Devil's hoofs are different from those of a horse, they are just as sensitive as our feet. The Devil tried his best to withstand the pain of the heated shoes but when the blacksmith started pounding in the nails to hold the shoes in place, the Devil could take no more. "Get them off, get them off, get them off!" he screamed. When the shoes were jerked off, the Devil hobbled away shouting obsenities towards all the horses and blacksmiths of the earth. For days after while the Devil recovered from his misadventure, all was quiet, dogs didn't even chase cats. From that day forward whenever the Devil sees a horseshoe it reminds him of that sorrowful night and it makes him step quietly past. When the Devil sees a used horseshoe or a horseshoe that has been pulled from a horses hoof, he shivers with the rememberence of the pain and quickly slips into the shadows.

So you see, hanging a horseshoe over your doorway or using a horseshoe in everyday items can make the Devil think twice about bothering you, but having things made of used horseshoes can make the Devil run away without a backward glance. This is why I make things of used horseshoes, it truly is more beneficial.


Copyright 2012 Pokie Parmidge