You and Your Tool Kit

Pokie Parmidge
March, 2002

What's in the stock tool kit? Well, let's have a look. Your tool kit can be found under the left side chrome panel, at the lower rear of the fuel tank. This tool kit is not intended to be able to overhaul your bike in the back woods, only to make some minor adjustments or get you out of trouble.

Tool kit layed out on a rag.

Tools list;

-Shock hook spanner

-Spanner extension tube

-2nd spanner extension/ spark plug wrench

-2 piece, double ended screwdriver

-Small sparkplug cap puller

-Hex keys 4mm, 5mm and 6mm

-Open end wrench 8mm x 10mm

-ABS thickness gages

-Tubless tire patch kit; 1- plug tool, 3- CO2 cartridges, 3- tire plugs, 1- glue/ knife pack

-2 Fuses; 4 amp and 15 amp


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