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Parmidge JumpEZE is a jumper cable hook-up that is permanently attached to your Cruiser. The hook up is tucked neatly behind the left hand chrome panel to allow easy access. Each Parmidge JumpEZE comes complete with a plug-in cable and jumper clamps that can be used to jump-start your Cruiser with the help of any car or light truck.

Here, both parts of the Parmidge JumpEZE are connected together. They're ready to hook to any car or light truck when a jump-start is needed.

The JumpEZE harness comes in two pieces. First the bike harness,...

The bike harness remains permanently attached to your Cruiser. It also comes standard with a replaceable rubber dust cover. The plug-end of the harness then tucks away under the L/H chrome side cover between the fuel tank and tool kit.

Secondly, the jumper cables.

The jumper cables are four feet long to reach the batteries of almost any car or light truck, (imported or domestic). The JumpEZE jumper has a heavy duty plug with dust cover, 6 gauge welding cable and 400 amp battery clamps.

JumpEZE in action:

R1200 Cruiser taking a jump from my old Ford truck. A simple "plug-N-jump" application.

The Parmidge JumpEZE does require the gas tank to be removed for initial fitting of the bike harness. Once the bike harness is in place the gas tank never needs to be removed except for the usual service and maintenance.

Parmidge JumpEze....NLA Order

Fitting Parmidge JumpEZE to your Cruiser.

See our Cruiser Technical Articles. A great resource for do-it-yourselfers.

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