Mr Bussman

Pokie Parmidge 2003

Used to be I thought it was a great idea to take the bus to work. Like I said, “Used to be.” It’s kind of hard to take the bus to work when the bus is your work. That’s right, after all these years of doing this and that, now I’m a bus driver (or I guess more accurately, I’m a bus operator).

The good thing (or is it the bad thing) about being a bus driver is the microscopic look you get into so many strangers’ lives. The bulk of passengers on my bus generally show their pass, pay their fare, ask for a transfer or just parade by like they own the place. Once past me, they will often retire to the back of the bus and plop down in the rear seats like so many sacks of potatoes. I often wonder whether I’m transporting people or freight. That’s not to say that being a bus driver is a boring task--the more “colorful” people keep you attentive.

  1. Becoming one (bus driver) -Bigger Busses
  2. Training
  3. Color on the busses
  4. On my own -P-2, P-3, P-5
  5. 10-codes -10-34, 10-33, 10-28
  6. Pre Trip -Flat Tires
  7. SS Minnow -Forgive me 500, Minor rescues
  8. July 4th
  9. Brian -Marian, Which Way?
  10. Classified -DTC Grand Opening
  11. Peggy-Marie -George-Ann, Jamie
  12. New Busses -Unit 16
  13. Ball games -Short Notice, Crisis Management
  14. Driving Kids
  15. Cinnamon buns -Wildlife
  16. Penny's ring -Walter
  17. 500? -First Day With A Cell Phone
  18. First late nite -Warning, swearing on this one.
  19. Winter driving
  20. Day with no end
  21. Goodbye
  22. XXX -Yup, a warning, sexual situations on the bus.
  23. Holidays -Wait, That's My Stop!
  24. Fireflies -End Of The Road


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