Service Schedule R1200c

Pokie Parmidge March 2003

What gets done when? Using BMW's schedule, I put together this list to try to answer that very question. I put them in the the order that I do them as I find it easier to follow. I may update this list from time to time to catch things I've missed, or become necessary.

If your mileage is different, look at it this way: every 6,000 miles is a minor service (BMW just calls this a 'service'.) Every 12,000 miles is a major service (BMW calls this an 'inspection'.) The first service (600 miles) is a major service that is designed to check for teething problems.
Change engine oil and filter (engine warm) X X X X
Change transmission oil (operating temperature) X   X X
Change rear drive oil (operating temperature) X   X X
Remove and clean the speedo sensor on the rear drive (every 24,000 miles) X      
Torque the heads X      
Check and adjust valve clearances X X X  
Check the spark plugs X X X  
Renew the spark plugs     X  
Check battery electrolite level and terminal condition (remove the gas tank)     X X
Renew the air filter (check the air filter whenever the gas tank is off)     X  
Check level and condition of clutch and both brake fluids, check systems for leaks or damaged hoses (if the fluids need changing, this will be billed as extra) X X X X
Change clutch and both brake fluids (should be changed once a year)       X
Check brake pads on both wheels, renew as required (changing the pads will be billed as extra for both parts and labor) X X X X
Check the poly-v belt (this item should be replaced every 36,000 miles and will be billed as extra) X   X  
Check tightness of the rear wheel bolts (77 foot-lbs) X      
Check for play in the Telelever, rear swingarm and front wheel (these bearings should be replaced every 25,000 miles and will be billed as extra) X   X  
Check throttle bodies, tubes, hoses and caps for leaks X X X  
Check throttle cable for damage, movement, free play and adjust X X X  
Renew fuel filter (24,000 miles, sooner if fuel has been contaminated) will be billed as extra        
Grease sidestand pivot X X X  
Check tires, wheels, rims and tire pressures X X X X
Check all electrical equipment (lights, horn, sidestand switch) X X X X
Check to see if there are any outstanding recalls (this may require an additional visit) X X X  
Hook up to MoDiTeC to check for faults (fault finding and correction may cost extra) X X X  
Visual check and test ride (check all rolling systems) X X X X

There are other things I like to check while the bike is up on the stand. Things like the shift linkage's movement, brake caliper bolts' tightness, and then lubing anything that moves with a oil pump can. Again these are things you can do yourself or you can ask for the mechanic to do for you. Just keep in mind anything you ask for separately will likely cost extra.


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